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Who is Crescite

Crescite is a progressive consulting firm that offers a wide range of solutions and consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses. We provide expertise in areas such as human resources, marketing, operations, recruiting, strategy, risk and compliance, talent development, training, and sales.

Additionally, we offer executive coaching and connect our clients with partners for benefits, payroll, loans, and credit solutions. Our goal is to enable your business’s profitability and success by providing insightful guidance, proactive collaboration, and the necessary tools to achieve your goals.

Meet our CEO & Founder

Crescite, led by founder Caroline Liddell, is driven by a passion for assisting small to medium-sized businesses. Caroline’s dedication to this mission is supported by a team of committed professionals who bring their expertise, availability, and professionalism to elevate the company’s success.

Caroline’s purpose in life is to inspire, uplift, transform, and engage individuals, empowering them to reach their full potential, make significant contributions, and achieve their most ambitious goals and aspirations.

Caroline B. Liddell

Founder and CEO

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