Sales & Marketing Strategy

If you’re ready for solid marketing guidance utilizing the most current tactics along with tried-and-true strategies to market your services or product in the most profitable way, then this gig is for you!

Why partner with UGS?

Our team has an extensive marketing background working with clients just like you. We also provide direct access to digital products from many of our recommended business products designed to help meet your business, so unlike other consultants who just regurgitate info, we share what’s actually working right now from our own hands-on experience and testing.

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Inspire your next level thinking and what’s possible in the online space
What’s included:

  • Online virtual consultation call
  • Our call recording sent afterwards

Why partner with UGS?

UGS Sales’ Strategy Consulting provides sales solutions to small businesses and mid-sized companies that want are experiencing low performing sales representatives. Company turn to UGS when their sales are down, they look for advice from UGS to help them achieve the results they desire. Our expert consultants partners with our clients to help them achieve success by providing and helping
our clients implement proven tactics that work to help increase revenue.


What do we do

We custom a strategy that will help you grow your company and take it to next level.Contact UGS today and let us show you how we can help yourcompany meet its goals today! 

Customize Sales

Customize Sales Strategies which includes,

Providing Tools

Providing tools to help you manage your pipeline.

Predict Sales Results

Providing tools to help you forecasting and predict sales results.

Sales & Personality Assessments

Providing Sales & Personality Assessments

Business Need

Business need -where you are and where you are trying to go)

1 on 1 Coaching Session

1 on 1 Coaching Session with Sales reps and/or Sales Leaders

Sales Process Training

Training & help sales leaders and sales team sales process.

Training Presentations/ Courses

Providing New Hire or Refresher Training Presentations or Courses to help them become top producing sales reps.

Award Solutions

Providing Total Award Solutions which will help your better drive motivate


We offer the following

Product analysis

Analysis of NEED for your product/service, target population, what brand communication to have, what people are thinking about your product/service in the industry in general.

Competitive Analysis

Analysis of how your competition is catering to the need, which marketing channels they have activated, how much money they are putting in, what results they are getting and much more.

Tailored Marketing Plan

Creating an action plan that will ensure success in your industry, how much money to put in, where to put it and what to expect in return.

Need Help with

We can tackle a few topics and here are some examples:

Create or refine a traffic plan

Create or refine a product launch campaign

Clarify big dreams into action steps

Find hidden revenue

Create a plan to achieve a revenue goal

Improve an offer

Solidify marketing hooks and angles


Pricing plans

At Upward Growth Solutions, values and culture aren’t just talk.

We work actively to create an environment where employees will thrive.







$ 1,799/year


$ 1,999+


$ 2195 +